Policies Terms

These terms are provided to clarify user interaction with our website and a select services. Terms are subject to change.


The refill form is to be used only for refilling previously established prescriptions. Currently, we do not offer a way to fill your original prescription online. You may also fill your prescription over the phone or in store.

We make every effort to fill the prescriptions within two hours of receipt during normal business hours. However, latency in our website and network as well as high customer traffic may cause delays. Requests for delivery must be made by noon (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only) to be delivered that day. The same latency concerns may cause similar delays for delivery.

Solicitations will not be addressed through the usage of this form. Unauthorized submission of someone’s prescription information is not allowed and may have legal ramifications.

All data entered into this form and submitted will be stored indefinitely (and may be deleted at our discretion). All information is considered confidential and is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.


Email addresses will only be collected from our users who opt-in to receiving communications through that medium. We do not sell or distribute these email addresses to anyone.

To opt-out of our mailing list please contact us and we will remove your email from our list.

Phone Numbers/Text Messages

Phone numbers are not currently collected through our online refill service. During each refill process, you may opt-in to receive a text message when your refill is ready for pickup. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a text message when your refill is ready even if you opt-in.

By opting-in to receiving text messages, you agree to receive text messages containing information about when your refill is ready for pickup from Hunter Pharmacy. Hunter Pharmacy reserves the right to use third party texting services to send these messages. Standard text, multimedia, or data rates may apply depending on you carrier and plan.

We do not sell or distribute these phone numbers to anyone.

Contact Us

The contact us form is for direct communications with us. This tool should be used to send us feedback or comments about our website or services provided, inquiries about our practices or services, or similarly constructive communications. Do not submit sensitive medical or patient data through this form. We will not respond to solicitations for affiliation proposals or advertising opportunities; please contact us in person or by phone for this.


These privacy practices are implemented to protect our users and their interactions with our site. These practices are subject to change.

Collected Data

This website collects some data from its users in order to provide means for improvement. These data include general user browser and device information as well as statistics (for analysis of our traffic).

Information may also be collected through our web forms. Any confidential information is stripped or anonymized during any analysis in order to protect our users.

We do not sell or distribute any personal information from our users to any affiliates or third parties.


We operate our business based on the following practices. These practices are subject to change.


This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. It further details how you or your personal representative may gain access to this information. Please review carefully.